ECE in NIT Surat vs CSE in NIT Kurukshetra

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Which one of the choices has more scope ECE in NIT Surat vs CSE in NIT Kurukshetra? Where will you get more exposure, in NIT Surat vs NIT Kurukshetra? Which choice will give you more opportunities? Which college has better startup culture or coding culture?

Which is better ECE in NIT Surat vs CSE in NIT Kurukshetra?

So, Let’s compare both the choices ECE in NIT Surat vs CSE in NIT Kurukshetra.


NIT SuratNIT Kurukshetra
Also Known As
Institute Type
Surat, Gujarat
NIRF Rank (2021)
Also Known As
Institute Type
Kurukshetra, Haryana
NIRF Rank (2021)

Comparison of NIT Surat vs NIT Kurukshetra

Round 6 Cutoff* (2021)Cutoff of ECE in NIT Surat: 5,976
Cutoff of CSE in NIT Kurukshetra: 5,457
Avg Package*ECE in NIT Surat: ₹8.14 LPA
CSE in NIT Kurukshetra
: 15.34 LPA
Highest Package*ECE in NIT Surat: 40.00 LPA
CSE in NIT Kurukshetra
43.75 LPA
InfrastructureNIT Surat has better infrastructure than NIT Kurukshetra
Coding CultureNIT Kurukshetra has better coding culture than NIT Surat
Startup CultureNIT Surat has better startup culture than NIT Kurukshetra
Club CultureSame in both colleges
Cultural FestNIT Surat organize better cultural fest than NIT KKR
Technical FestNIT Kurukshetra has a better technical fest than NIT Surat
NightlifeNIT Surat has better nightlife than NIT Kurukshetra
HostelsNIT Surat has better hostels than NIT Kurukshetra
Masters DegreeChoose the field in which you want to pursue masters
Government Exam Prep.Surat is a better city to prepare for government job exams.
Based on research and reviews

**Round 6 cutoffs are of General category other state students.


SVNIT, Surat


Per Semester

NIT, Kurukshetra


per semester


NIT, SuratNIT, Kurukshetra
250 acres of campus area300 acres of campus area
NIT Surat has a Central library Central library with 165039 total collection
Computer centre with 257 computers with high speed internet.Computer centre with 300+ desktop computers.
Equipments available for research visit Equipments available for research visit
A fully air-conditioned auditorium with a capacity of around 2000 peopleNIT KKR has a huge auditorium.
1 girls hostel and 6 boys hostels in NIT Surat with Wi-Fi and LAN facility.NIT KKR has nine boys hostels and three girls hostels with Wi-Fi and LAN facility.
Gym, Football ground, 400 mt Athletic Track, cricket ground, 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball court, badminton, table tennis Indoor game complex.Badminton courts, tennis courts, cricket pitch, hockey ground, football ground, volleyball court, basketball court, Kabaddi ground and a stadium, gym and indoor games.
The institute has a canteen.The campus has a canteen along with an Amul parlour. 
Medical facilities and dispensary for students and staff.Facility available for health care at NIT KKR
check here
Within the campus, there is a bank, ATM and post office.NIT Kurukshetra has a bank, ATM and post office.
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Truthful reviews about the colleges

What Students Say About These Colleges

SVNIT Surat Reviews


Great Infrastructure. Hostels here are pretty good. The library is huge.
You get to meet a lot of different types of people, you gain knowledge and experience of effective public relations and communication skills. You will get placed in some company if you are just an average student.

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AnonymousStudent at SVNIT, Surat


Normal. Nothing fancy. The faculty is not that good. They might hold PhDs but their teaching method will make you ask questions about how did they even get the job. The promotion of sports is nearly negligible by the side of the administration. The Annual Fest is given very little attention and seems to be under-celebrated.

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AnonymousStudent at SVNIT, Surat

NIT Kurukshetra Reviews


CS & IT departments of NIT Kurukshetra are very good. Mechanical and Civil got some very good Professors. The technical fest is quite good. Sports facilities are quite good. Teams of volleyball, football, cricket, badminton, etc participate in national level tournaments.
If you have an interest in ECE and want to pursue a better career, I would recommend you to go abroad.

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LakshayStudent at NIT Kurukshetra


No city life, NIT Kurukshetra is quite far from the city area. Infrastructure is not that well maintained. Management is bad. Some of the Lab equipment does not work properly. The syllabus is outdated. ECE professors are not that good. The Lab assistants there as usual try to show off that they know better than the lecturers. The support you will get from professors for research or your project will be nill. 

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LakshayStudent at NIT Kurukshetra

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