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About College Rush

We are a group of students currently studying in India’s various reputed govt colleges who have a fervent desire to help the aspirants make smart and better career choices.

While the students face fatigue due to their rigorous exam preparation, Collegerush provides them respite by carrying out intense research on various prestigious engineering colleges ranging from IIT, NIT, IIIT to top state govt colleges presenting them to our beloved community to help them evaluate the college.

The research is based on several parameters from various sources that are important from the view of any aspirant. While each college has its legacy, any aspirant needs to consider the factors it plays a significant role in one’s life.

Our website’s content is crafted purely from a viewpoint of a student, it is a one-stop destination for gathering any college’s details from its cutoff to placement. Our unique comparison section is designed completely by personal interaction from various concerned undergraduates.

The College Rush site contains the whole of Indian education and is presented in a way for aspirants easy to understand with Collegerush’s motive for being a one-stop solution for student’s college research.


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