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Which is the better choice for you CSE in NIT Jamshedpur vs BIT Mesra? How are the placements, startup culture, coding culture in BIT Mesra vs NIT Jamshedpur?

Here we have listed everything about CSE in NIT Jamshedpur vs CSE in BIT Mesra.

Which is better CSE in NIT Jamshedpur vs BIT Mesra?

Let’s compare both the choice BTech in Computer Science from NIT Jamshedpur vs Computer Science from BIT Mesra.


NIT, JamshedpurBIT Mesra
Also Known As
Institute Type
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
NIRF Rank (2021)
Also Known As
BIT Mesra
Institute Type
Ranchi, Jharkhand
NIRF Rank (2021)

Comparison of BIT Mesra vs NIT Jamshedpur

Round 6 Cutoff* (2020)CSE in BIT Mesra: 10,779
CSE in NIT Jamshedpur: 8,968
CSAB Spot Round-I CSE in BIT Mesra:11,096
CSE in NIT Jamshedpur: 9,079
CSAB Spot Round-IICSE in BIT Mesra: 11,409
CSE in NIT Jamshedpur: 9,132
Avg Package* CSE in BIT Mesra: 13-15 LPA (2020)
CSE in NIT Jamshedpur: ₹15.24 LPA (2021)
Highest Placement* CSE in BIT Mesra: ₹49.76 LPA (2020)
CSE in NIT Jamshedpur: ₹
43.30 LPA (2020)
InfrastructureBIT Mesra has better infrastructure than NIT Jamshedpur.
ResearchBIT Mesra has better research facilities.
Coding CultureBIT Mesra has better coding culture.
Startup Culturesame
Club CultureBIT Mesra has better club culture.
Cultural Festsame
Technical Festsame
NightlifeNIT Jamshedpur has better nightlife than in BIT Mesra.
HostelsBIT Mesra has better hostels than NIT Jamshedpur.
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**Round 6 & Spot round cutoffs are of General category other state students. Comparison table of BIT Mesra CSE vs NIT Jamshedpur CSE.


NIT, Jamshedpur


Per Semester

BIT, Mesra


per semester


NIT JamshedpurBIT Mesra
NIT Jamshedpur has 350 acres of campus.Campus size of BIT Mesra is 780 acres.
Central Library has 55,144 books.Central library with total volumes 1,50,423.
The computer centre is equipped with IBM, HCL, etc servers and 210+ desktops.BIT campus has well equipped CAD laboratory with 70 computers with a high-end server.
Equipments available for research visitResearch facilties at BIT Mesra visit.
NIT Jamshedpur has an AuditoriumBIT Mesra have GP Birla auditorium with a seating capacity of around 2500 people.
NIT Jamshedpur has 9 boys hostels, 4 girls hostels.
Note: At present, sanctioned strength of students is around 3400, but able to accommodate only 2225 nos. of students and the remaining students are staying outside campus.
BIT Mesra has 11 hostels for boys and 3 hostels for girls with wifi facility.
(Single room for boys and double sharing for girls)
Sports facilities at NIT Jamshedpur include a Gym, Athletics ground, 1 Basketball and 6 Badminton courts, 2 Cricket ground, 1 Tennis court, 2 Volleyball court and 9 Table-Tennis Courts.Sports facilities at BIT Mesra include Gym, Stadium for Track & Field events, Cricket, football and hockey grounds, Basket Ball, VolleyBall, tennis and badminton courts, Kho – Kho and Kabaddi grounds, Indoor game complex.
The campus has a canteen, General Strore, Cafe and an open-air theatre.BIT Mesra campus have a canteen and a shopping complex within the campus is the go-to-place for eateries, beauty parlours, stationary shop or just to hang out.
A new, bigger marketing complex and co-operative book store have recently been completed and are expected to be functional soon.
NIT Jamshedpur has a dispensary.BIT Dispensary is 20 bedded including 8 bedded, two isolation wards fully functional Health Care Centre.
Within the campus, there is a bank, ATM, Guesthouse and a post office.BIT campus also have SBI & UCO banks, ATMs, post office and full ac guest house.
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Truthful reviews about the colleges

What Students Say About These Colleges

BIT Mesra Review


It has a beautiful campus. Many active clubs are there and various extracurricular activities are organized throughout the year. Campus facilities and Research facilities are quite good in BIT Mesra. You will get all the opportunities to enhance your career.

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GautamStudent at BIT, Mesra


You will probably not have any campus life in the evening. All the people from the college will go back by 8 pm and you will probably not see anyone walking on the roads at all.  Study pressure is more in BIT Mesra as compared to NITs.

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GautamStudent at BIT, Mesra

NIT Jamshedpur Review


Placements in NIT Jamshedpur are really good especially for CSE. Hostels are just fantastic and newly made. The TATA group of companies provide excellent opportunity to do internship nearby. It is surrounded by the lush greenery of Dalma hills and has a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. 

college rush logo
Chirag SharmaStudent at NIT, Jamshedpur


It lacks in infrastructure. But it has been improved a lot in the past few years. Time is changing for nit Jamshedpur, the infrastructure is improving a lot and a lot of maintenance is happening in the college. Yes, there are still many areas of improvement like wifi.

college rush logo
Chirag Sharma Student at NIT, Jamshedpur