CSE in NIT Jaipur vs IT in NIT Allahabad

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Are you confused? What to choose Computer Science in NIT Jaipur or Information Technology in NIT Allahabad?

Are you wondering which branch has more scope or which branch CSE in NIT Jaipur vs IT in NIT Allahabad will give you more opportunities? Where will you get more exposure, in MNNIT Allahabad or NIT Jaipur? Which college has better startup culture or coding culture?

Students face difficulty in choosing the right branch during their JOSAA counselling and then they make mistakes in their choice filling, which ends up being in problem. Don’t worry we will make that easy for you.

What to choose CSE in NIT Jaipur or IT in NIT Allahabad?

Let’s compare both the choice IT in NIT Allahabad vs CSE in NIT Jaipur based on 13 parameters i.e. based on your field of interest, coding culture, startup culture, cultural fest, technical fest, nightlife, a masters degree (MTech, MBA, etc), civil services exams (UPSC, PSC, etc), etc.

And then you can decide and choose which branch in particular college will be best for you.


MNIT, JaipurMNNIT, Allahabad
Also Known As
Institute Type
Jaipur, Rajasthan
NIRF Rank (2020)
Also Known As
Institute Type
Allahabad, UP
NIRF Rank (2020)

Comparison of NIT Allahabad vs NIT Jaipur

Round 6 Cutoff* (2020)Cutoff for CSE in MNIT Jaipur: 3,789
Cutoff for IT in NIT Allahabad: 4,119
Avg Placements* (2020)CSE in MNIT Jaipur: 14.24 LPA
IT in MNNIT Allahabad:
17.22 LPA
Highest Placements*CSE in MNIT Jaipur: 30.82 LPA
IT in MNNIT Allahabad:
49.00 LPA
InfrastructureMNIT Jaipur has better infrastructure than NIT Allahabad
Coding CultureMNNIT Allahabad has a better coding culture
Startup CultureMNIT Jaipur has better startup culture
Club Culturesame
Cultural FestNIT Allahabad organize better cultural fest than MNIT Jaipur
Technical FestNIT Allahabad has better technical fest than MNIT Jaipur
NightlifeMNIT Jaipur has better nightlife than NIT Allahabad
HostelsMNIT Jaipur has better hostels than NIT Allahabad
Masters DegreeChoose the field in which you want to pursue masters.
Government Exam Prep.Jaipur is a better city to prepare for civil service exams.
Based on research and reviews

**Round 6 cutoffs are of General category other state students.


NIT, Allahabad


Per Semester

MNIT, Jaipur


per semester


MNNIT, AllahabadMNIT, Jaipur
NIT Jalandhar 222 acres of campus areaMNIT has 317 acres of campus area
Library has 1,22,670 books. Central library with 1.56 lakhs of books.
MNNIT has 260+ computers with 10.5 Gbps internet speed, updated softwares.A computer centre with 10 computer laboratories, a Data Centre with Private Cloud with 64 TB of EMC2 Storage. 
Equipments available for research visitEquipments available for research visit
NIT Allahabad has a multi-purpose hall with a seating capacity of 200+ person.MNIT Jaipur campus has a huge auditorium.
7 boys hostel, 2 girls hostels at MNNIT Allahabad.10 boys and two girls hostels in MNIT with Wi-Fi and LAN facility.
MNNIT has a basketball court, two indoor badminton courts, lawn tennis courts, football cum cricket ground, volleyball ground and a gym.Football ground, cricket ground, 3 basketball courts, 3 lawn tennis courts, 3 volleyball courts and 3 raw volleyball courts, badminton courts, a gym, indoor games complex
The institute has a Canteen and Cafetaria.The campus has a canteen along with an Amul parlour. 
Medical facilities and dispensary for students and staff.Facility of part-time Homeopathy and Ayurvedic doctor and a dispensary in NIT Jaipur.
Within the campus, there is a bank, ATM and post office.Within the campus, there is a bank, ATM and post office.
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Truthful reviews about the colleges

What Students Say About These Colleges

MNNIT Allahabad Review


The coding culture here is extraordinary. Though academics do not focus much on programming, CC Clubs do make us realise the need for programming, which really helps in placements. Technical fests are good.
There are hell lot of other clubs like LIT Club, Quiz Club, etc which remain active throughout the year. So it’s not just academics. You will be learning a lot.

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ShreyashStudent at MNNIT, Allahabad


The first-year hostel is really good and spacious. Sadly, hostels for 2nd, 3rd or final year students are not that good. But after a year it’s not about rooms, it about friends.
Sports here is slightly underdeveloped. Not because of students but because of management. 
Research facilities are not good in MNNIT Allahabad. The conditions of labs are also not good for few departments.

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ShreyashStudent at MNNIT, Allahabad

MNIT Jaipur Review


Good infrastructure. Labs are well equipped. All the classrooms are well equipped with AC. The canteen is excellent. Sports facilities are above the mark.

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SnehaStudent at MNIT, Jaipur


Mess food of NIT Jaipur is average. The curriculum is good but needs some updates in some areas. The basketball court can be improved a little.

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SnehaStudent at MNIT, Jaipur