Electronics in IIT BHU vs Mechanical in IIT Kanpur

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IIT Varanasi (BHU)

What to choose Electronics Engineering in IIT Varanasi BHU or Mechanical Engineering in IIT Kanpur?

Which college has better club culture, startup culture, coding culture, etc IIT BHU Varanasi vs IIT Kanpur? Which of these is the better choice for you Electronics in IIT BHU vs Mechanical in IIT Kanpur?

Which is better Electronics in IIT BHU vs Mechanical in IIT Kanpur?

Let’s compare Btech in Electronics in IIT BHU vs Mechanical in IIT Kanpur based on criteria like coding ranking, placements, culture, startup culture, cultural fest, technical fest, government exams, etc.


IIT (BHU) Varanasi IIT Kanpur
Also Known As
Institute Type
Varanasi, UP
NIRF Rank (2021)
Also Known As
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Kanpur, UP
NIRF Rank (2021)

Comparison of IIT (BHU) Varanasi vs IIT Kanpur

Round 6 Cutoff* (2020)Electronics in IIT Varanasi: 2,443
Mechanical in IIT Kanpur: 2,542
Highest Placements*Electronics in IIT Varanasi:
Mechanical in IIT Kanpur:
InfrastructureIIT Kanpur has better infrastructure than IIT-BHU
Coding CultureIIT Kanpur has better club culture than IIT Varanasi
Startup CultureIIT BHU has better startup culture than IIT Kanpur
Club Culturesame
Cultural FestIIT BHU has the better cultural fest
Technical Fest
NightlifeIIT BHU has better nightlife than IIT Kanpur
HostelsIIT Kanpur has better hostels than IIT BHU
Masters DegreeChoose the field in which you want to pursue masters
Government Exam Prep.Kanpur is a better city to prepare for gov exams.
Based on research and reviews

**Round 6 cutoffs are of General category, Other state students.




Per Semester

IIT Kanpur


per semester


IIT, Varanasi (BHU)IIT Kanpur
Campus size of IIT BHU is 4000 acres.Campus size of IIT Kanpur is 1055 acres
IIT BHU library has approximately 1,38,000 books along with 8000 e-journals, 30,000+ e-books.IIT Kanpur Central library with approximately 3,00,000+ books along with 2000+ journals
The institute has high-end servers and a high-speed internet connection.IIT Kanpur has a Computer centre and computer labs with 290+ desktop computers.
Research Facilities in IIT Varanasi BHUResearch Facilities in IIT kanpur
IIT BHU has an Auditorium with a seating capacity of around 2000.IIT Kanpur has an Auditorium with seating capacity of 210.
IIT BHU has 19 hostels with a total capacity of 1903 double-seated rooms, 549 triple seated and 233 single seated rooms.IIT Kanpur has 11 boys’ hostels, 2 girls’ hostels and one girls’ residence tower.
IIT BHU Varanasi has Cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, kho-kho, tennis, TT, hockey, aquatics, squash, athletics, badminton, chess, carrom, taekwondo, gym etc.IIT Kanpur has 2 cricket fields, a 400 metres track, a swimming pool, football and hockey fields, basketball , volleyball, tennis courts, badminton, skating, a taekwondo arena, TT rooms, a yoga room, 2 gym, etc.
The campus has a canteen, many cafes along with Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), etc. The campus has a canteen along with Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Dominoes, etc. 
IIT BHU has a Hospital within the campus.IIT Kanpur has a Hospital within the campus with medical facilities like ECG, X-Ray, Pathology, etc.
There are visitor’s hostel/guest houses, banks, ATMs, post office, a railway reservation counter within the campus.There are visitor’s hostel/guest houses, banks, ATM, post office, a railway reservation counter, and a police station within the campus.
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What Students Say About These Colleges

IIT Kanpur Reviews


IIT Kanpur has one of the best research facilities in the country. IITK has Good faculty. It has a huge library with more than 3,00,000 books. Many curricular and co-curricular activities are held throughout the year. It has an advanced academic system with research facilities.

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Kartik GuptaStudent at IIT, Kanpur


IIT Kanpur is located in a relatively remote area. Kanpur has a relatively fewer number of restaurants and hanging joints outside the campus. However there are many cafes inside the campus area.

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Kartik GuptaStudent at IIT, Kanpur

IIT Varanasi (BHU) Reviews


IIT Varanasi is one of the oldest IITs. It has everything you need. IIT BHu gives Good facilities, curricular and co-curricular activities. Its curriculum is easy as compared to otherr IITs.

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AnanyaIIT Varanasi (BHU)


IIT BHU is one of the oldest IITs. So its infrastructure is old. IIT Varanasi BHU has an open campus i.e. anyone can enter our campus. This increases the traffic on the campus.

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AnanyaIIT Varanasi (BHU)