Mechanical Engineering in IIT Kharagpur vs IIT Madras

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Are you wondering, which one is the best option for you BTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur or BTech Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras?

Which branch has more scope Mechanical in IIT Kharagpur vs IIT Madras? Where will you get more opportunities? Which college has better startup culture and coding culture? How are the placements in these colleges? What are the research facilities in IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur?

Don’t worry we will answer all your questions here and make the choice making easy for you.

Which is better Mechanical in IIT Kharagpur vs IIT Madras?

Let’s compare Mechanical in IIT Kharagpur vs Mechanical in IIT Madras based on few criteria i.e. coding culture, startup culture, cultural fest, technical fest, nightlife, a masters degree (MTech, MBA, etc), civil services exams (UPSC, PSC, etc), etc.

And then you can decide and choose which branch in particular college will be best for you.


IIT Madras IIT Kharagpur
Also Known As
Institute Type
NIRF Rank (2020)
Also Known As
Institute Type
Kharagpur, WB
NIRF Rank (2021)

Comparison of IIT Kharagpur vs IIT Madras

Round 6 Cutoff* (2020)ME in IIT Madras: 2314
ME in IIT Kharagpur: 2579
Avg Placements*IITM: 18.10 LPA
Highest Placements*ME in IITM: 49.60 LPA
ME in IITKgp:
InfrastructureIIT Madras has better infrastructure than IIT KGP
ResearchIIT Madras has better research facilites than IIT KGP
Coding Culturesame
Startup Culturesame
Club CultureIIT KGP has better infrastructure than IITM
Cultural FestIIT Kharagpur organize better cultural fests than IITM
Technical FestIIT Madras organize the better technical fest
NightlifeIIT KGP has better nightlife than IIT Madras
HostelsIIT Madras has better hostels/mess than IIT KGP
Masters DegreeChoose the field in which you want to pursue masters
Government Exam Prep.
Based on research and reviews

**Round 6 cutoffs are of General category, Other state students.


IIT Madras


Per Semester

IIT Kharagpur


per semester


IIT MadrasIIT Kharagpur
IIT Madras has 617 acres of campus size IIT KGP has 2100 acres of campus area
IIT Madras has a Central Library with a collection of books, journals, etc. IIT KGP Central library’s collection includes over 3,50,000 books and documents.
IITM has a Computer centre and supply of 200 Mbps for the campus Network of IITM.Computer centre with 350+ desktop computers with all the required softwares.
Equipments available for research visit Equipments available for research visit
IIT Madras has an Auditorium with a seating capacity of 900. Kalidas Auditorium has a seating capacity of 850.
IIT Madras has 15 boys’ hostels, 4 girls’ hostels. IIT Kharagpur has 16 boys hostels and 5 girls hostels with Wi-Fi and LAN facility.
IITM has a cricket stadium, athletics field, a swimming pool, football and hockey fields, basketball courts, volleyball, tennis, squash court, table tennis, a yoga room, weight-lifting, gym and more. IIT Kharagpur has common sports grounds for cricket, football, hockey, 1 court for volleyball, 2 lawn tennis courts, 4 indoor badminton court, athletics tracks; and swimming pools etc.
IITM has a canteen along with an amphitheatre with 220 seater capacity, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), many other cafes and shops. IIT KGP campus has a canteen along with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Parlour, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Subway, Restaurants etc. 
IIT Madras has a Hospital within the campus. IIT KGP has B.C. Roy Hospital within the campus.
There are guest houses, banks, ATM, post office, a railway reservation counter, and a police station within the campus. Within the campus, there are six guest houses, banks, ATM, post office, a railway reservation counter and a police station.
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Truthful reviews about the colleges

What Students Say About These Colleges

IIT Madras Review


You will get many opportunities in every domain in IIT Madras. IITM provide the best platforms in the world if you are good at coding or robotics.
Research facilities at IIT Madras are top-notch.

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PraveenStudent at IIT Madras


85% attendance is compulsory in any course taken during a semester.
There is also a problem of monkeys in the institute. To avoid them entering, the rooms should be closed all the time.

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PraveenStudent at IIT Madras

IIT Kharagpur Review


IIT Kharagpur has Good facilities. There are many curricular and co-curricular activities organized in IIT KGP. IIT KGP offers courses in humanities, management (offered by other IITs as well), law and medicine. You will love your college life in IIT Kharagpur.

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AnkitStudent at IIT Kharagpur


It is located in a remote area.
If you are from a city then you will be disappointed by the life over here.
Kolkata is more than 100 km from Kharagpur. Kharagpur only has one big bazaar and no mall.

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AnkitStudent at IIT Kharagpur

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